At the IDSS we also offer an After School Program. The After School Program is a service of your choice and includes a 5-day program offered to help with homework, extracurricular and other scheduled activities after regular school hours in the period from 15:00 o’clock to 17:00 o’clock.

The After School Program begins with a snack followed by a short break (outside when the weather conditions allow). After the break, various activities follow such as singing, dancing, drawing, reading, acting, sport, etc.



Afterschool Program is an excellent opportunity also for other kids to learn the German language and adopt the knowledge and skills in other areas as well. If the parents decide to enroll the kids from other schools in our Afternoon Program the registration fee is 200,00BAM/monthly. It is an excellent decision and opportunity for children to learn and enrich the German language through carefully prepared thematic contents such as small scientists, theater, gardening, applied informatics, etc.


Parents can obtain detailed information at the school phone number +387 33 560 520 or at the school e-mail


Please make sure to apply for the After School Program in a timely manner.