IDSS’s tuition fees are charged monthly. If you wish to make an advance payment, please contact the school directly for information. New students joining IDSS at the start of the school year must pay their registration fees and preschool/school tuition. For those whos follow the repayment schedule registration fee, deposit and first installment of tuition fees must be paid prior to commencing school.

If a student enrolls after the start of the school year, tuition is pro-rated based on the entry date, e.g. #days/180 x annual tuition fees.

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fees include a snack, hot lunch (prepared in school), books, exercise books, school supplies. Tuition fees are subject to change every year. Tuition fees will increase
on an annual basis to ensure that they remain in line with the school’s increasing costs. The fee increase will apply to all students enrolled at the school.

If a company is responsible for funding the child’s education, the parent understands that the ultimate financial obligation, including late fees or any bank charges associated with the payment of school fees, rests with the parent, should the company fail to pay the necessary fees.

Registration Fee

A one-time non-refundable registration fee is charged to parents for every student to cover processing costs. A one-time non-refundable registration fee will be used for capital improvements at the school, including the expansion of physical facilities. The Registration fee is paid before joining the school.

Deposit Fee

A one-time refundable deposit fee is charged to parents for every student to ensure that all installments will be paid properly only for those whos follow the repayment schedule of the tuition fee. Upon the last installment is paid deposit fee will be back to the parent.

Notice Period

The withdraw of a child from the IDSS could be realized for the first semester or at the end of the school year, if there is no other reason for withdraw and which is of a different nature, such as moving to another country or the like.

A full months notice must be given to the school in writing for any student wishing to withdraw from the school. Fees will be payable to the end of the notice period. In both cases, the parent is obliged to inform the IDSS exclusively in writing about the discharge of his / her child no later than 31.12. of the current year.