The preschool program is intended for children who are 5-6 years old by the 1st of September of the current year


If you are planning to enroll your child in our school, it is advisable that your child attends our intensive preschool program. Our Preschool Program has been very popular with families. It has been carefully tailored for students aged 5-6 years, helping to prepare them for their transition into school and to achieve success in their academic future.

The program follows the proven Montessori methodology which children fully adopt through kindergarten program in our International Montessori House, and gives your child the opportunity to develop in the following areas:

  • Communication skills that assist with reading and writing
  • Gain confidence and respect for others
  • Emotional skills
  • German, English and B/S/C languages, literacy and numeracy skills
  • Creativity
  • Interaction with others, making new friends

As soon as the child can express herself/himself in the German language, she/he will easily learn, develop new skills and have fun establishing good relations with other children.

The main goal of the preschool group is to monitor and support the child in the process of development which includes learning how to be independent as well as learning how to deal with different situations. Therefore, children are not only taught academics such as shapes, numbers, letters, and colors, but also social as well as emotional skills which will help them understand their own needs as well as the needs of others. German is the main language of our preschool group and it is an essential prerequisite to successfully master the beginnings in IDSS primary school. Working and learning in a preschool group makes an important contribution to this since most classes are conducted in the German language which gives children a basis for further learning. In our classes, we use various didactic materials to help children develop their vocabulary and speaking skills, but also their conceptual imagination, gross and fine motor skills as well as desire and interest in learning.

Through the integration of different teaching areas children will get to know themselves and understand their identity. By participating in daily activities children learn and develop skills that are essential for success in school – focus and concentration, careful listening, courage, observation skills, taking initiative, taking care of themselves, and others. Through learning about their capabilities and limitations, children adjust their behavior accordingly and advance while learning about the world around them.

Languages (German – English):
Everyday situations in preschool are of great importance for the language development of children. Morning activities and discussions are an ideal time to talk, report, share information, opinions, talk, and solve problems. The richer the language, the more we talk about certain events. A prepared learning environment is of crucial importance for the child. The book corner gives children the opportunity to talk to each other as well as dedicate their time to getting to know different books. Materials and games are always available to children, and in addition to learning, they provide an opportunity for conversation and mutual cooperation. Listening to songs, stories, playing a variety of games sharpens a child’s ear, but also expands language skills, combining language with music, rhythmic speech, and movement.

Mathematics encourages thinking:

Children observe their world very carefully, make assumptions and examine them, and in order to understand the world around them, it is necessary to be able to recognize rules, shapes, and symbols, which include developing the concept of quantity and recognizing numbers. In the process of getting to know math, we also learn counting, writing, and classifying numbers. Children should already be able to recognize the basic shapes, the differences between big and small and long and short. Recognition of basic shapes can be extended in nature by trying to recognize, describe, and name objects around them.


Almost all children love art. Through art, children have the opportunity to more easily express their feelings, awaken and develop imagination. In these classes, children learn to name colors in both target languages, mix and match them. There are also various basic techniques that children can work with, so we have the freedom to use different materials: watercolors, wooden pencils, markers, plasticine, etc.


Children also need to implement exercise as a movement in their daily life in order to develop motor skills, and playful, effective movement exercises are always successful with children. Jumping, running, crawling, throwing, dragging, running on a narrow path, etc. are movements in which gross motor skills are developed, and thus children learn how to keep balance, develop a sense of orientation and keep it under control.


Singing is loved by almost all children, especially in a group. Through rhythm, songs, but also with verses, they develop a certain speech melody. Music can help children develop their own creativity, through creating their own dance choreography, shaping their own rhythm, and developing emotions that evoke different melodies in us. Children create music with different sounds, musical instruments, body instruments. Music also stimulates and develops their senses. The greatest wealth we provide to children in this institution is the opportunity to learn and work in two target languages – German and English. Through language learning, a child’s cognitive, emotional, and communication skills are developed. We encourage children to verbally express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in spontaneous as well as organized activities. We create conditions in which children will further develop symbolic and creative thinking and imagination using different media (speech, body, lines, natural and artificial materials, colors, sounds, images, movement, masks and costumes, information and communication technologies).

Parents can obtain detailed information at the school phone number 033/560-520 or at the school e-mail