Our elementary school creates the foundation for your child’s education. This is very important for the future development of your child. All children who enter elementary school, are naturally curious and willing to learn. It is our responsibility to nurture this natural curiosity and channel it into useful and beneficial ways.

By taking advantage of an improved educational and pedagogical approach, various talents and affinities are developed in different ways. The self-confidence of a child must be strengthened and supported in order to develop satisfaction in her/his work. Especially in the 1st grade, it is very important to learn through various games, this is not just a way to have fun, but it can also be a very useful tool for a positive attitude towards learning.

“The goal of our school is not only to teach skills and impart knowledge, but to develop a positive self-image and character of the child.”

What makes our school exceptional is the parallel learning of several languages. Our main focus is the German language, but also the English and the BHS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) language are taught from the very beginning.
Other subjects include Mathematics, Social Studies, Music, Sports and Art.
Classes are held Monday through Friday from 08.00 o’clock to 15.00 o’clock.


A special IDSS feature is multilingualism. Classes are held in the German, English and BHS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) language.
The French language is planned to be introduced in the 6th grade.
Our staff has the duty and responsibility to help your child achieve their full potential.
We strive for a school for the heart, spirit and mind.

“We want to convey not only knowledge but also opinions and values.”

Teaching, attention and learning to treat each other with respect is very important to us.
At the same time our students are encouraged to take on responsibility for their classes, think critically and develop social skills. All of this should enable them to become self-aware and active members of our future society.


Every child in our school is accepted and evaluated on an individual level. We are convinced that every human being with her/his abilities, strengths and weaknesses is unique and precious. Therefore, we want to give our students the opportunity to develop their talents and their individuality, regardless of origin or religious background.

Through an appreciative and respectful approach, we create a motivating atmosphere for learning with the aim to recognize and develop the students’ potential. In doing so, we strive to give  chances for new beginnings and a positive change.

“It is our goal to educate our students to be responsible, independent and to be critical thinkers.“

With these skills, they will be able to formulate their environment positively and take over their social responsibilities.
‘International’ is not only a part of the school name, our students come from different countries and that is what makes this school interesting and diverse.


Our education process is based on the competence and demonstration of our staff by personal example. A positive personal example is a very effective educational tool. In most cases children do not behave appropriately, if, what they are told, does not agree with the behaviour they are shown. Therefore, our teachers have the responsibility to educate by example.

“Good interpersonal relationships are also characteristic of our school’s atmosphere.”

Strengthening families is an important goal for us, we try to work closely with our parents. We organize parent meetings very often to exchange valuable information and advice.


School life is unimaginable at the IDSS without compassion and mutual cooperation. We teach values such as respect, appreciation and gratitude.
We strive to create positive and friendly relationships between teachers, students and parents. Such an approach creates a productive work environment with confidence.
We consider it our task to develop the personality of our students. Through group activities and educational principles, we directly and indirectly influence the relationships of our pupils.

“Good interpersonal relationships and respect for each other are valuable in fostering student’s motivation for work and learning.”


Classrooms and other school facilities are a common space for students, teachers and parents. That is why we strive to provide our students with a safe haven, because only in places where children feel secure, relaxed and protected, we can expect to develop their personalities  positively. Our classrooms are spacious and very well suited for various group activities. They are carefully designed to work with a high influx of sunlight to create a nice learning environment for the students.


The curriculum of the International German School Sarajevo (IDSS) is adjusted to the German curricula, but also meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.