“As a parent of a child who has been attending IDSS for four years, I warmly recommend to all parents to visit the school and get acquainted with the opportunities offered by education in our IDSS. If you want a quality and different education, a child who masters the material day by day speaking three different languages, but also an environment in which the child will be happy and who will be reluctant to leave after 7-8 hours every day, then you should to visit and meet us! Of course, all in compliance with the prescribed epidemiological measures.”
Esma, Year 9 Parent


“Personalized attention our son receives at IDSS more than makes up for any drawbacks. His teachers understand who he is and how he learns, and they take that into account as they teach him. His teachers have always been available to discuss any concerns we have had. Likewise, the IDSS administration is open-minded and practical about how to best prepare children for life on their own.”
Simon, year 9 Parent


“IDSS is growing, but the school remains committed to small class sizes.  There will always be areas that can be improved, but one of the great things about IDSS is that it gets better every year. For us, IDSS has become more than just a school; it is a community. We are all different, and we celebrate that. In short, we are proud members of the IDSS community and we look forward to welcoming new families into it.”
Emir, Year 7 Parent


Located in the city center but in a quiet place, this school offers a great quality of education and learning. At the age of five, my daughter is already able to speak several languages, due to the skills of the teachers and the possibility to learn within a classroom with few kids. This school also learns to respect others, to share and to live in community
Elisa, Year 5 ½ Parent


My family arrived in Sarajevo a year ago. We were looking for a preschool for our 5 year old daughter at the time. We visited all the available international schools in Sarajevo before making the final decision. The decision was not easy because our daughter only knew Spanish, Polish and French. We were afraid of how she would find herself in a new country, a new environment and with new languages: Bosnian, German and English. Today, after a period of one year, we know that the choice of the German preschool group within IDDS was the perfect decision. The start was difficult for all sides, for our daughter for the teacher and also for us parents. Today, the effort is remarkable.
Our daughter is a happy child. She has acquired many friendships. She made a mile in all languages of instruction. She goes to kindergarten with enthusiasm.
I would like to highlight the most important advantages of IDDS:

  • Committed, happy and effective teaching staff
  • A safe school environment
  • Intellectual and emotional growth fostered by the school
  • Strong home/school communication
  • A fun and supportive school environment If I had to choose a preschool for my child again, I would have no hesitation in choosing IDDS.

Kind regards,
Katarzyna, Years 5 Parent